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Outsider Art Projects proudly presents: Jacqueline Regenboogje
Meditation Art

Jacqueline Regenboogje (Rainbow) is an intuitive artist, situated in Dilbeek (Belgium).
Jacqueline calls her art �Healing Meditative Paintings�. Using spiritual energy �� which is the energy of shape � she works with Bio Geometry, Symbols, Colours and Sound. She wants you to sit back, look, listen and feel! The energetic synergy of these paintings activates sleeping brain cells and has an overall mind-expanding effect. Its frequency is recognized, not so much by the brain as by the heart. It is also captured by the sub-conscience. People will recognize and remember themselves in this work.

The series of works presented in this exhibition carry titles like �Keys�, �Messages�, �Magic� and �Vibrations�.
Jacqueline Regenboogje gives workshops in intuitive art, using meditation techniques that allow the inner self to speak. She has been working with Spiritual Energy for the last 20 years. She also uses Geo-biology, Buqi and self-healing techniques. Having a passion for unlocking Mysteries, her main objective in life is to serve in this world, to let Love flow unconditionally and let the Light manifest itself. She wants to hand us the key to Harmony and Joy and Humour in daily life.�

Rainbow offers an��
Enlightening New Vision�
On personal growth
and Awakening�
where seekers find
to a New World

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